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WHAT DO WE DO?What We Get Up To

Formed to explore the application of materials and processes, experimental and established, to our independently fabricated products.

Motivated by the freedom and simplicity of a web-based design consultancy, Snack On allows us to pursue a more irreverent approach to product development than our bread and butter projects. We favour guerrilla advertising, pop-up distribution and pufferfish principles.


Located in Brisbane, Australia, Snack On is the collective practice of talented desginers who have different backgrouds, talents and skills. Each memeber is a valuable part of the team, having expertees in one or more area’s from the project types which we provide our customers and clients.


If we had to go ahead and try to summarise what our ‘main goal’ was, we would have to say something along the lines of bringing practical furniture and decor to everyday homes that is a little more out there, wackier than things you might particularly feature in a home. We aim to make anything we design as good as if not better than the traditional concept.

FOUNDERMichael Duran


WHAT ELSE DO WE DOQuality Services Which We Offer

Below are just some of the high-quality services which we offer, if you don't see your type of project here and you think we would be interested then please still get in touch!

HOW DO WE DO ITThe Snackon Process

However complex or large the project is, there is a strict process which we follow to ensure a high-quality outcome, specifically one that meets the customers needs to the T, the project is only over when the customer is 100% satisfied. So, here's what to expect...
  • Meeting
  • Analysis
  • Project
  • Production
  • Handover

If you’ve worked with us before then you’d know we love to meet all our customers before we handle their projects, getting to know the person’s motives as to why they want you to do some work for them is a real great motivator for us at SnackOn as it makes the work personal therefor we care that little bit extra. Whether is over a nice cup of coffee or going out to dinner, both parties will benefit from the meeting as both parties will benefit from the meeting as you can make sure if we are the right ones for your task.


After our meet, we then take our time to go through your plans, whether that was a concept drawing or something you have verbally explained to us. This is the part of the process where we access the idea, figure out how we are going to do it whilst sticking in the lines of the specification and of course taking health and safety into account.


Once we have carefully analysed the original plans, it is now on to the exciting part, project design! This is the part where we consider all the information we have gotten from our research as well as any information you have given us and put pen to paper and get something drawn up! Identifying what sort of materials we need, how much we need of a specific material and even look for any top designers that could help us complete our work.

and Building

Okay maybe it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what this part is about but we’ll explain it anyway! At this point, we have your plans, the specifications we need to put and any materials or helpful hands. Having all this means that we are ready to start on the project, if you’d like to know more about who does what in our team, then go read about our designers elsewhere on this page!


If the projects gone as planned and you’re 100% satisfied with the finished project, then its time for us to handover the keys and give you what you commissioned us for! We absolutely hate goodbyes, so if you are pleased with the finished project we would love it if you were to comeback and do business with us again, friends!


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We absolutely love our interior decor make-over. Our living room has never looked better since Snackon Design took action.

Katherine Lake, Happy Customer

I was really happy with the end result that Snackon Design made when creating custom furniture for our new restaurant.

Henery Alan,  Quirky Quicks CEO

Snackon Design brought our exterior to life with their stunningly well organised design, creating a perfect place for our friends and family to enjoy!

Andrew Phoenix, Happy Customer

Snackon Design produced something that exceeded my expectations within the time limit they set and a price I couldn’t argue with.

Jamahl Jenning, Happy Customer

We finally came across Snackon Design. Their team were just as enthusiastic as we were about creating our living space.

Lindsay Cook, Happy Customer

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