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17th July 2018by SnackON

Most people are always torn between purchasing custom-made furniture and ready-made furniture. Those who are not very particular with regard to their furniture can purchase ready-made ones but individuals who are specific about their requirements should buy custom-made furniture.

This is because the ideal furniture has the power to transform a home, perfect if you’re looking to undergo a home renovation. Pieces that are expertly crafted look great and enhance the functionality of a living space and these pieces will also reflect on your budget since you can spend as much or as little as you want so it is a great alternative to buying ready-made furniture.

Benefits of custom furniture

Bespoke Design

Custom-made furniture allows people to play around with the design and choose the materials and colors that reflect on their own personality as well as complimenting the character of their home. There’s also something undeniably luxurious about having your own unique furniture, which adds to the overall value of the piece potentially making it a selling factor when you come to sell your home.



Custom Size and More Storage Space

Custom-made furniture is ideal for people who are keen on adding additional storage space, particularly in small apartments.

According to furniture experts, they can be designed so as to optimize on storage, making such pieces as a tallboy that offers plenty of storage without taking up a lot of room and due to the fact that they are custom made and to the size you want, they can be placed in many parts of the home rather than been fixated to a single area.

High-Quality Finish

Most times, ready-made furniture is made using the inferior material so as to reduce the price of production. On the other hand, custom-made furniture allows consumers to get good quality because strong and durable materials such as laminates and solid wood are purchased accordingly to the budget. Therefore, you will get increasingly good value for your hard-earned money due to the greater focus on superior quality, allowing the pieces which you design to last up to 10 times more than a ready-made piece of furniture would.


This has to be the main advantage of custom-made furniture, the feel and look of bespoke furniture thoroughly reflects on the owner’s individual style sensibilities and also gives their living space that much needed personal touch. Sometimes its difficult to get your personality across or channeling characteristics you want your home show, this is why custom furniture is becoming so popular as of late because you can do practically anything you want with a custom budget, making your entire home unique if you wanted to.



Reduced Cost

Usually, the cost involved during the purchase of custom-made furniture is flexible since this depends on individual buyers chosen furniture piece as well as any materials which they wish to be used. Most manufacturers design the furniture within the budget of the client and will offer alternatives to materials if the buyer is tight on their budget.

Type of materials

Custom furniture is made using many different types of materials, a misconception of custom-made furniture is that every piece includes bright colours and fancy upholstery but that just isn’t true. If there’s a contemporary bedside you absolutely love but it is made out of the wrong wood, then you can get this piece custom made to your needs.

Here are some materials that are used when creating custom-made furniture:

White Oak Wood

Oak is a strong, heavy and beautiful hardwood that is common with cabinetry and furniture construction. White and red oaks are the two varieties and both features a gorgeous natural grain with white oak being the most popular of the two.

Reclaimed Wood

This refers to salvaged or recycled wood. This material has gained popularity with custom-made furniture because of sustainability reasons as well as the fact you are essentially doing something ‘good’ when using this material since it is reused, it also adds history and somewhat of a story to your custom furniture piece making it even more unique and special.


Raw-Edge Wood

Also known as raw-edge cherry wood. Live edge cherry is an attractive hardwood that provides a natural/organic feel making it the perfect option if you’re looking to create any of these; coffee table, dining table or countertops.


Fir Wood

Often referred to as Douglas Fir wood, the wood has a straight, pronounced grain and has a reddish brown tint to it making it an ideal option for furniture and frame construction, although it is primarily used for building it is an affordable and reliable type of softwood nonetheless.


Walnut Wood

This is yet another gorgeous hardwood that is known to make beautiful custom furniture that is both durable and attractive due to its natural grain which lends itself nicely for use as an accent material to dress up any custom furniture project. The rich brown wood is a lot more difficult to come by than the other woods on this list, you’re probably not going to be able to find it in your local home depot but it is worth the hassle once you see the walnut wood texture.


You are not limited to just woods when creating custom furniture; other types of materials used are things such as glass, metals and veneers.


Simple endeavors like purchasing furniture ought to be an enjoyable experience. However, it has the potential of morphing into a stressful activity, It is for good reason that custom-made furniture should be the better option due to the flexible budget which you can assign as well as being able to find something that is precisely what you want.

If this is something that you are interested in and you are in need of a professional team to help you with material selection, sizes and pricing, then head on over to our contact page and get in touch!