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30th November 2022by SnackON

Ceramic tiles look amazing when new!

The way it shines is unrivalled. But if left to go dirty, then the grout between the tiles will darken and the floor looks a mess, ruining the look of an otherwise lovely room. So, if you have invested in ceramic tiles, then you’ll need the following ceramic tile cleaning tips to keep them looking as pristine as they do right now!

Fixing Already Dirty/Stained Tiles

We’re not here to judge, we’re here to help, and sometimes you just don’t realise the importance of regular maintenance until it seems like it’s too late. So, before we give you a full breakdown of ceramic tile cleaning tips to be carried out regularly for maintenance, we thought it’d be good to show you how to bring your ceramic tiles back from the brink of disaster if you’ve let them go lately.

This method is foolproof, and it will make your tiles look great again! To start with, vacuum or brush the floor to remove debris, and then move on to the following suggestions:

1. Use A Light Bleach Solution

According to professionals, property cleaners, DIY techniques can make a difference.

  • Mix around two teaspoons of bleach for every half litre of water.
  • Get on your hands and knees (wearing protective gloves and any other gear you require).
  • Use a clean dishcloth soaked in the solution to wipe over the ceramic tiles.

This method is strictly for when things have gotten bad. You don’t need to bleach ceramic tiles regularly and, in fact, if you do, it could lead to damage. So, use this cleaning method sparingly to get your ceramic tiles looking good again if you haven’t cleaned them effectively for a while!

2. Follow Up With Dish Soap And Hot Water

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Dish soap and hot water are really what you need to use weekly, but we’ll discuss that below. Make sure you use this method after bleaching, though, because it will remove the bleach and help bring back that nice shine to the ceramic tiles.

Top tip: Don’t use too much dish soap, or else the suds will leave marks on your ceramics. Half a tablespoon is really all you’ll need in a standard mop bucket for this.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Regular Floor Cleaner Too

For some reason, lots of people fear cleaning their ceramic tiles, but they aren’t delicate.

  • Check the package instructions of your usual floor cleaner first.
  • Test it on an obscure section of the floor that isn’t visible too, but if it works.
  • Use this instead of the dish soap method to bring the tiles back to life.

4. Vinegar Is Best For Tough Stains

If the bleach hasn’t removed the stains, then vinegar will. Put around 120ml of white vinegar into a standard mop bucket and use this instead. It won’t smell great, but it’ll get those stains up, and then you can go over the floor with floor cleaner or dish soap and water to get rid of the smell.

5. Don’t Forget The Grout

Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

There’s little point in having shining ceramics if the grout is dirty. You can hire a grout cleaning machine if you want to avoid back-breaking work, but if you’re a fan of a DIY method like us, then here’s how to get stuck in:

– Mix a bucket of water with bleach. Typically, two teaspoons for every half litre of water, but check the package instructions of your bleach first to be sure.
– Use a scrubbing brush to work the solution into the grout lines.
– You can leave this for up to six hours, but 30 minutes will do if you’re in a rush. But the longer you leave it, the better the results.
– Scrub the grout lines with an old toothbrush to remove the dirt, and wipe up the dirty water as you go using an old towel.
– Rinse the area with fresh water and leave to air dry.
– Once dry, you can use a grout sealant to protect it for longer if you like.

General Ceramic Tile Cleaning Tips

These tips are for when you’ve got your ceramic tiles looking the way they used to. See these as your go-to maintenance tips to stop yourself from ever having to do the hard work of fixing dirty or stained tiles again. Doing these regularly (once every couple of days) will help you stay on top of your ceramic tiles and keep them looking great!

1. Brush Up Often

It only takes a moment to grab a dustpan and brush and sweep up the bits of debris that fall on the floor. One of the most likely places you’ll have a ceramic tile floor is in the kitchen, so it’s good food hygiene practice to keep this area clean by sweeping up any food that falls on the floor. Brush daily or every couple of days to help keep the floor looking good and debris free.

2. Mop Weekly

You should mop at least once a week. You can either use just the dish soap and hot water mentioned above (half a tablespoon of dish soap in a standard mop bucket of hot water), or you can do this and combine it with 120ml of white wine vinegar to remove stains. Once done, go over with plain hot water. You can either leave to air dry or use a clean towel to reduce the risk of watermarks on your tiles.

3. Consider Placing A Mat Outside The Room

What’s that saying? Is prevention the best form of treatment?

Well, if you really want to help keep your ceramic tiles clean, then consider placing a doormat inside the room or just outside, so you can clean any debris off your shoes before entering. This may be a step too far for some people, but for others it’ll make them feel better about their ceramic tiles because they’ll look so much better for longer.

4. React To Spills

This is such a big one. Just because you know you’ll be mopping later in the week doesn’t mean you can just leave any spillages until then. The sooner you react to a mess, the less damage it will do, and the less likely it’ll be that you have to do a deep clean like the one in the section above. Grab a paper towel, wipe up your spillage, and clean with some fresh water. Trust us, you’ll thank us later when you aren’t on your hands and knees with bleach.

5. Clean Grout Monthly

You can keep your grout looking great after your deep clean with just a simple baking soda and water solution. Mix equal parts and use the paste on your grout lines. Leave overnight and then remove in the morning with a sponge soaked in warm water. Then just clean the ceramic tiles as usual to remove any of the dirty water brought out from the grout.

The Key Thing To Remember

Maintenance is always better. By staying on top of your ceramic tiles once they have been thoroughly cleaned or newly installed, you only have to clean them regularly with simple cleaning tasks. If you let them go, though, you could very well spend an entire day getting your ceramic tiles up to scratch, which you don’t want to do. Little and often work best, and it’ll ensure your ceramic tiles are in pristine condition too!


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