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27th August 2021by SnackON
kitchen update

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and everyone needs to improve the kitchen’s appearance every now and then, but sometimes we can’t afford a full renovation. Hence, there are many effective ways to improve your kitchen’s appearance. Below are a few to have a glance:

Upgrade Your Lighting

kitchen update lighting
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You can go for pendant lighting or fluorescent overhead fixtures according to the age of your kitchen. You can also replace some old fixtures with LED/CFL lighting to bring a modern look into the kitchen. Also, LED/CFL lighting is easy and cheaper to install. A minor kitchen update can enhance the look and feel of your entire space. You can go for the below options such as:

  • Add a pendant over the sink
  • You can also add white lights string underneath your cabinet to bring a shine to your counter.
  • Add pendants over the peninsula or island.

And if you are using older lights, then install new lighting fixtures for low-priced projects. Your kitchen looks different under bright hanging lights. Hanging lights are in high demand, so swap your old lights with them. Hanging light fixtures are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes, making them the perfect option to add ambiance to your kitchen. LED lights are expensive, but can save energy and last longer.

Update Your Kitchen Hardware

Hardware can change the appearance of the entire furniture piece, including cabinets. You can upgrade your oven, stove, dishwasher, and other appliances, which will give your kitchen a fresh look. With this, anybody can improve their kitchen to look more modern and unique with new home appliances or antique pieces. Purchasing kitchen appliances in designs and the odd colour is the type of kitchen remodel that offers an eclectic feel. Hence, when you choose to change appliances in the kitchen, you are highly recommended to design something different on your own.

Paint Or Replace Your Cabinet Doors

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If you are going low on budget, you can go for painting your old cabinets. It costs less than purchasing new ones. Also, it enhances the look and feel of the whole space. Do not choose to paint weird colours and also try to ignore too bright shades.

And if budget is not the issue, replacing the old cabinet doors with modern ones or refinishing your previous ones will provide your kitchen an elegant and unique appearance. Get high gloss or glass doors for a dose of glam, or forgo doors in a few areas and generate open shelves to show the excellent pieces.

Replace Or Update Your Tap

Are you also the one having an old-fashioned tap? Do you know the kind of tap that provides water at lightning speed? If yes, you are getting higher water bills than required. Just imagine the energy-efficient options such as adjustable and low flow taps and restaurant-style taps for cooking. Thus, upgrade, or you can say replace your old tap with the new modern style ones. Investing in such kitchen updates will deliver an elegant look to your spot. If you’re looking to take it a step further, you could replace the entire sink unit! But we advise getting in touch with a contractor or plumbing expert to get this job done correctly.

Open Walls

Now, this is something different and new. If you remove some of your upper cabinetry, you will get a newly transformed kitchen. It will feel more modern, lighter, and more functional. Open shelves are an excellent way to show off stacks of everyday used dishes along with items like fresh plants, platters, and cookbooks. It is more efficient to grab and put away wares where they were. Also, make sure to have stacks of delicate glassware in the same shapes, patterns, and colour not to feel cluttered. Two alternatives work well:

You can eliminate the upper cabinets and replace them with open floating shelves.

Also, you can remove doors and hardware from the existing uppers.

Add Unique Backsplash Along With Flooring

We all love the kitchen’s statement pieces that involve a pop of colour or a new backsplash. Those gorgeous and neat colours and patterns you like will charm your kitchen. One solid backsplash colour in a neutral kitchen or backsplash in odd ways, colours, and shapes give an exciting and distinct look to your kitchen. With this, do not forget to update the flooring in your kitchen. You can go for wooden flooring as it offers a warm, classic, and inviting appearance, or you can also select the chequered white and black floors that give an antique and modern feel to the kitchen.

Use Decor Or Artwork

Decor or Artwork is an excellent way to add charm to the space. You may go bold and significant as it will offer an illusion of a larger room. Art is an excellent alternative for the ones who can not change all things. Curtain changes, area rugs, and other floor coverings will make a huge difference. You do not have to spend too much money if you see special offers and see low-budget and straightforward kitchen designs.


It is an essential step you need to take to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. If you are out of space, put everything away that is not in use. You can take all unwanted stuff and keep it in the storeroom available in the backyard or garden. It can also act as an outdoor kitchen for those barbecues.

Add Wallpaper Or Repaint

Add A Lick Of Paint Or Wallpaper
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Repainting is the simple solution for making the kitchen look good. Moreover, paint is affordable, so choosing a refreshing, bright colour can add a new life to your kitchen. Also, ensure that it creates a good combination of colours on walls and cabinets. Light colours brighten up the space, making it look more prominent as light colours reflect light and hide those tiny scratches, dents, and dings in the old cabinets.

Wrapping Up

Hence, we have suggested few ways to improve your kitchen, which will enhance the look and feel of the space. From the tap upgrading to flooring, everything is discussed in-depth to make your work easy. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you also need to follow the above aspects one by one. Choose the design, shape, colour, and pattern according to your unique preferences, and go for a kitchen update within your budget.