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3rd July 2020by SnackON543

Mirrored furniture can make a room stand out in any home. When used well, it lends beauty and elegance to any dwelling. However, like everything in life, anything worth having comes at a cost. Maintaining these beautiful pieces of art can be truly burdensome if you do not know what you are doing. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of expert tips to help with just this task.


Avoid Staining:

Prevention is always better than cure as the saying goes. With mirrored furniture this is all the more true.  So, do your best to avoid stains from forming in the first place. Take extra care with liquids and foods around the furniture and make sure all the bottoms of any container you place on it are dry. Always use a coaster, if you must place a cup or mug on top of the furniture. If you make a spill, attend to it immediately. Do not give it a chance to settle as it will prove all the more difficult to remove when dry. Water left on the mirror surface may cause white stains that are difficult to treat, these are sometimes known as calcium spots.  The calcium and other chemicals naturally found in tap water etc are left over when the water has evaporated. As such, use a clean, damp cloth to remove any spills on the mirror, but make sure to leave the surface as clean and dry as possible after.

There are a whole host of chemicals that will damage the mirror furnish of any object if they come into contact with it. The list is extensive, so we can’t cover all of them. However, as a preliminary introduction, they include, dyes, hair dyes, hair products, iodine, shaving creams, lotions, alcohols, perfume, acetone and many others. This list is by no means exhaustive, but should serve to give an indication of just how temperamental mirrors can be.

A lady holding cleaning equipment ready to clean the mirrored furniture

Clean and Polish regularly:

Make sure to inspect the pieces often and have them cleaned and dusted regularly. As previously mentioned, it is when stains are left to settle that the most damage is caused. Therefore, a regular, strict cleaning schedule is required to maintain the life and quality of the furniture for as long as possible. This should include regular dusting and polishing on a weekly basis. Try not to use silicone-based polish on too often a basis. This is because polishes containing silicone will leave a thin film of the substance on the surface, changing and often tarnishing the look of the furniture.


Handle with Care:

Please be aware that maintenance of your mirrored product does not stop at avoiding spills and stains. The manner with which you actually handle the product is very important. For example, constantly dragging even seemingly light objects across the surface of a mirrored object can cause fine cracks and scratches in the surface. This will damage the mirror surface and can lead to even larger scratches if not properly taken care of. Take care when moving your mirrored furniture. Always use at least two people. Never drag it along the floor or attempt to move it alone. Wherever
possible, always elect to move the object by hand. Avoid moving it by trolley or placing above another piece of furniture.

Be careful when attaching handling aids, like knobs or handles, not to over-tighten as this can cause cracks and scratching. Also, be mindful where in your home, or room, you choose to place the object. Avoid high traffic areas or places where it will be exposed the most levels of stress. A mirror placed in the middle of the kitchen or living room is not likely to last quite as long as one placed against a bedroom wall. Keep away from windows, cupboards, doors or any other piece of custom furniture or architecture that is frequently opened and closed throughout the day. Do not place sharp, rough, or heavy objects on top of the furniture.


Mother, children and dog relaxing in the garden

Pets and Small Children:

Children are a joy of life. As are pets, in a similar though different manner. However, it goes without saying all the added chaos they will bring throughout the home, especially around fragile objects. Both will tend to be attracted to the shine and mirrored images reflected by the furniture. They will find it a constantly alluring curiosity. You can take steps to keep them away from them by covering or keeping them out of reach. However, in the end, the safety of the children in particular is paramount. So, make that your prime concern when purchasing and placing mirrored objects.