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18th September 2018by SnackON
If you feel like your shed looks kind of old, then it might be the perfect time for a major shed makeover. In this day and age, even though some of them are still used for the sole purpose of storage, others may as well serve as workstations, studios, or a place where you can retreat for a bit from all the noisy activities going around inside the house. If you’re looking for an affordable away to undergo a project like this, check out some great ways of stretching your budget here!

How To Make Your Shed Look Livelier

Repairing The Issues

The first thing that may require your attention is repairing any issues that the shed might have, whether it’s about a leaking roof, rotting wood planks, uneven floorboards, or a broken window. A firm structure is an ideal base for the rest of the makeover process since it basically guarantees the fact that you won’t encounter any problems in the near future.

Lock In The Warmth

Install thermal insulation with products like this Airtec double bubble multi-layer film insulation. Not only will this feature prove to be useful the entire year, but also it will save you money when it comes to heating your shed during winter months. Set up PVC-U windows and doors, for the same reasons as installing thermal insulation. They also provide a higher level of safety which is essential for your home away from home!

Refacing the Interior and Exterior

Paint the exterior and add wallpaper on the interior walls. If you want to make your shed stand out in the garden, you could choose a bright color for the exterior; on the other side, selecting a darker color makes it merge into its surroundings. For the interior, you can either opt for a bold look by applying wallpaper, or paint it some neutral colors, to give it a more relaxing atmosphere.  If you’re not sure of the colors you should be choosing and want more in-depth information, we have a great article on this!
You could also make use of your own imagination and paint some flowers, trees or stars, giving it a more personal note. We have put together a few great ideas here for you in this article about the ever growing popular “woman caves”

Power Your Shed

You can drastically improve the use of your shed if you install electricity into it. This way you can place an extra freezer, create a gaming or a cinema area, or just anything since the options are without end. It is best to hire a professional electrician if you plan to run electricity from your main house to your shed, though.

Organizing Your Limited Space

The fact its a shed and if it’s like anything like the sheds we have, you will be on limited space, so it is vital to organize your space properly to get the most out of your room. Organize your items using storage desks and cabinets, countertops, and shelves. You can even make them yourself, as a way to better fit your needs. Mount heavy duty shelving units to store your gardening tools, freeing lots of space to store some other tools.

Re-purposing Your Garden Building

Personal Library

Add a few shelves and transform it into your own small library, where you can store your book collections, read, drink tea, and relax for hours on end. Adding a comfortable chair or sofa is bound to make it even cosier.

Outdoor Study and Office

Turn it into your own office. This choice is preferred by most people nowadays since working from home has gained a major popularity among many. In addition to that, a shed is the perfect place for that, since it provides silence and you can better focus on your tasks.

Entertainment for Kids

Playhouse or gaming room for your children. Depending on their age, a shed is the perfect place for such setups, since it keeps them entertained, and your house stays clean and silent.
If you think a project like this is something you’re interested in but you currently have no funds and can’t stretch your budget, then we have compiled some great ways of saving up and quickly getting the money you need to undergo your dream project right here.