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14th May 2019by SnackON288

What is a she shed? Or as some like to call it, a woman cave, or a lady cave… well, introducing to your garden a gorgeous she shed will give you an extreme getaway to have some alone time whilst looking at the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes, when needing some sit back and unwinding alone time, the best and most comfortable place to be is in your own garden living for your own company and enjoying some you time. Therefore this girly garden shed idea is a perfect idea if you need your own time after a tough, long day to relax and unwind. It is your quiet place to curl up with your latest book or a hideaway to do any work privately. She sheds are becoming very prominent nowadays… it is somewhere that allows you to embrace a hobby that is important to you.

Shed Makeover 

The first step to making your garden beautiful is by building a she shed or woman cave and the most ideal way to make a lady cave and decorating it is to clean out the antique, dusty, unused shed or playhouse sitting in your backyard. The beauty of a she shed is it can be whatever you make it. Give your shed a DIY shed makeover, by simply giving it a good cleaning and a coat of paint can make the dusty old item feel brand new and appealing. However, if you happen to not have a disused and old shed, making one from wood would be simple, or another idea is to use an old cottage or barn. It won’t really matter what you wish to make this in as long as the ending result is how you want it, all matters will be unworried about.

The outcome all depends on how you want your cute outdoor hideaway to look like. A few she shed design ideas I have for you is to bring the outdoors to your indoors, what is meant by this is to add a girly, colourful, floral print, doing this will create more of cute design and add depth to the whole of your woman cave. You want your shed to be somewhere you can feel relaxed and pampered, whether it be the walls, cushions, or rug adding more of design will give it a more girly and cute effect to the whole of your indoor interior. Another idea is to add some decor and accessories, such as lights, fairy lights, candles, this will set the mood and make you feel very comfortable and at home, maybe even adding in a day bed or a sofa would really set the mood and make you feel at home.


A white shed, representing how white can make your she shed look girly and cute

She shed images, a picture of a pink she shed showing you how colours can make a massive difference.


She Shed Inspiration

She sheds are the crazy, unique new ideas in which every girl will love. It is something where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own space. Make your outdoor home feel very cosy and comfortable with just these few tips in which I hope you take into cogitation and fall in love with. One thing you have to think about before remodelling is the space, the space in which you have is ideal because then you can start to think about which accessories, furniture, ornaments, and items can go well and sit beautifully in your own outdoor home. It really all depends on how you want you’re she shed to look… taking your shed from accustomed to cute and girly starts with the shed exterior, giving your shed a coat of paint will forthwith give it new life and make it look a whole lot better, the interior is something you can think about later and can keep enumerating to the decor.

Some she shed ideas are to add in some floral print can give it an instant girly touch, also some emulated furniture and accessories can tidy it up easily. Some girls prefer to have minimalist designs so they can sit back and relax without any aberration, others love to be sat in an illuminate and pleasing atmosphere whilst appreciating your own company. Replete any shed with chandeliers, glass ceilings and stunning furnishings, there are the number one eventual garden escapes. Also adding some designs and patterns to your walls can really bring the look together, it is a great idea to write down a list and get some pictures of the ideas in how you want it to look and then move on and start decorating.


A she shed showing a outside design of how your shed could look on the exterior

a representation of a colourful she shed design


Shed Interior Ideas 

For many people, making a she shed starts with taking an existing space or shed and recreating it. She sheds are uniquely designed spaces, packed with fairy lights, sparkly cushions and girly furniture. Maybe adding in a little craft desk or computer could give you something to do if you are just wanting some space away from your normal home. It is a great way to escape from reality and have some of your time. Introducing into your outdoor home a day bed or a small sofa for something to unwind and put your feet up onto. A she shed does definitely not have a rule book or a go-to guide of how it should be decorated, it is really just decorated it how you want, you can add the furniture you like, can make it as comfortable as you like and as little or largely decorated as you like.

Some of the ideas from my personal view which I think will add some design to your shed could be;

  • Patterned/Sparkly cushions
  • Rugs/Throws
  • Fairy Lights
  • Bed/Sofa
  • Painted Walls
  • Patterned Walls
  • Lamps
  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Wall Accessories (canvas, pictures, hanging accessories, etc.)

The whole idea of she shed is to have a relaxed and quiet place that allows you to have a place to enjoy doing something that is critical to you, or where you can rest down after a long hard day. However, doing so around an amazing atmosphere will give it much more of a happy brush, surround it with bright and patterned colours to make it stand out. If you are not sure about the colours, we have a brilliant article on this which is sure to help you! Garden shed decorations are a great way to make any dull, boring and lifeless shed into something amazing and detailed and where you can go off into your own comfort zone. She shed signs are also cute and out of the ordinary way to distribute a nice little design to the outdoor of your own getaway.


a example of what people put inside a she shed


Building A Shed On A Budget 

Are you on a budget but really wanting a she shed in your garden?

Reusing an old shed is a useful and easy way to save money, simply by redecorating the inside and giving it some colour and design will bring it back to life immediately, it is ideal and this will help you so much on your budget. If you have any old accessories in your home or just stuck into the loft, they can also be definitely added to. Turning old things into new again is one of my favourite things to do, it helps you with your money and also gives you’re she shed something to make it look like it is beautifully detailed. You could add garden hooks and shelves, which can be placed with candles or ornaments, which are handy and great for a clean and tidy look. With a little TLC and a helping hand from some paint and furniture, it will give you’re she shed a new lease of life.

Make it pleasant and comfortable. If your shed is going to be used for far more practical and constructive reasoning’s, think about the storage and space you have, add shelves and cupboards you don’t use any more instead of buying new, building shelves and cupboards out of wood you don’t use anymore is a great money saving tip, also you could try to paint them and give them a splash of colour. For decoration and style add some paint along the interior and exterior of the shed which this can give the shed structure an updated and brand new look, a bright colour will make it stand out and create a focal point in the garden, however, if you are wanting to paint it a darker colour this will make it blend into its surroundings and help the furniture and accessories take centre stage. you can even bring some of the garden into the she shed and use a hardy plant like a species of succulents or cacti which do not need a great deal of light or watering frequently.


A image of a pink reused shed, will a pink wooden finish

In this image is a pink she shed reused from an old shed with a pink pastel finish

Woman Cave Room Ideas 

Despite what may instantaneously come to mind when you think about a woman cave, it is not replete with girly, bright and pink fluffy things. It is the identical differing of a man cave, in that it is obviously girly in design and style. It is an area where any woman should be able to come and relax and have some self-time. A home where she can let her hair down put her feet up and let the imagination of the mind run wild. Every girl will have a divergent idea of how they want there she shed to look, this all depends on who you are and your purposes for this lady cave. 


A Walk-In Closet –

A image of a wooden walk in closet design in which would be perfect for any she shed


This is an excellent idea, a walk-in closet could make for a quiet, seclude place to be yourself. A downside on this idea is that you might be lagging in space, however, on the brighter side, it could be a good idea to get some work done and give yourself some time freely whilst keeping a tidy and eye-catching space. It is undoubtedly a great girly idea and would easily be a happier place. A time where you can get ready and have a great time getting sorted whilst enjoying the sun and scenery of your home and outdoors.


Craft Room –

A image of a design of a arts and crafts room for a she shed


Having a craft room in your out of doors environment is more than a vast idea, it is splendid as you have the outdoor scenes and weather whilst letting your inventiveness run wild off its feet. An idea that will astound others and make a sumptuous extension to your backyard. Every avid, ardent crafts-person needs space to unleash their creativity. Why not make it unlax and amusing? That space should be entrancing and inspiring. Sewing, knitting, painting and recycling debilitated products can often feel the necessity for more space than many other ones. Not only do you need an area which to work, but also somewhere to store all your equipment, materials and tools.


Basement –

A image of a basement idea for a she shed or woman cave


A basement is one of the most frequent places to establish into a woman cave. This is one of the most optimal locations thanks to the cloistered nature and space scope. You can design it the way you want without getting bored of your home decor. Adding in some fluffy furniture, fairy lights and girly paint will give it that woman’s touch. It is also insulated so it is easy to create a free- place to chill and do your thing. The only thing wrong with the basement finishing business is that it stands in need for a bit of work before it is ready to use.