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14th November 2019by SnackON288

Welcome to top 5 retro inventions. Where we will be looking at some of the best inventions that came from the classic time period that is defined as retro. Retro meaning – at least around 15 years old vintage original pieces. A lot of people use it to describe the 1960’s and that culture and way of life. Whatever you define is as. It sure looks cool!

Today we will find out some of the top 5 retro inventions of the past, and maybe think of ways to incorporate them into the future, and expand our knowledge. 

retro camera
retro camera

Retro Clothing

Of course, the retro period did not invent clothing, but it certainly reinvented it. Clothing did not have the same purpose as before and it was a lot more about fashion and style than durability and practicality. Retro 80s clothing also emphasises this with funky patterns, and flamboyant cuts and more. 

Try some retro hairstyles to match with some classic retro clothing and you will be away with your Retro look! Perfect for an 80’s night or a 90’s night. 

Retro Games

Retro games is what the 80s were known for. But they weren’t retro at the time of course! play retro games online today, but in the 1980’s these would have required large computer systems to run. Retro games such as Pong, and Donkey Kong were at the cutting edge of technology back in the day , and it is good to sometimes remember the technological advancements that we have had in a relatively short space of time. 

Retro Storage Trunks

These retro storage trunks are totally time accurate. They exude retro and look fantastic. They are also part of the retro revival that is happening now. Storage trunks can be used as vintage trunk coffee tables and more. The possibilities are endless. As well as this they can be used to create much mystery, and interest. Making you wonder where they have been. 

These storage trunks even look like they could have been from 1880 rather than 1980. Whatever fits your style and look, you should go and try it out! 

retro storage trunk
retro storage trunk

Retro Bar

The retro bar isn’t really a retro invention, but the modern depiction of a retro bar totally is! We have a lot of retro bars and they are super fun. Choose from your favorite retro drinks, food, music and most importantly retro games. And filled with retro furniture. Retro bars are totally fun, because they often have a jukebox, which would be accurate to the time period, and something i think we can agree all bars are lacking in the 21st century! Sharing music brings people together, and creates a good time! 

 We also would recommend there being neon lighting in these bars just to make it that little bit more accurate!

Retro Font

The style was also important. Retro design looks as good as it ever did, and retro fonts and logos continue to look super cool, as well as funky and vintage. Retro fonts have to be at the top of the list for cool looking fonts. You can also get free retro fonts, and colors which makes them a lot more accessible, and easy to use.  

What makes all of this iconic, is partly nostalgia, but also partly because it was a great time for design in the past. There are also super fun retro cameras, such as Polaroid cameras or film cameras that totally make something obviously retro. Overall Retro is a vibe, it isnt really about the equipment or indeed the clothes, it is, simply, a way of life.